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12 January, 2011 Category : App
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There is a race picking up recently this week between two third party companies for the Facebook application for iPhone that even Facebook is not interested to holding. According to reports, Lotyr, the developers of the Facepad, released in December 30, immediately nabbed the 15th spot in the app store’s ranking. Right now this is the number 1 in free downloads in all iPhone apps. The contender is Oecoway, a company specializing in iOS mobile application development, who developed the Friendly for Facebook app in April when there was no one there to fill the void. They revealed that since their launch, the application has been downloaded 1.5 million times.


Facebook refuses to create an iPhone app for their hundred million subscribers and this creates quite a cottage industry. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the reason that they do not develop an app is that it is “not a mobile thing” and that is different. He concluded that it’s a computer. According to Cyril Moutran, the CEO of Oecoway, they can leverage to creating more intuitive applications. They garnered more downloads in the recent times since they announced that it will be free. From April to December of 2010, the app was available for 99 cents per download.

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